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I struggle with stress

Do you often feel anxious and stressed?
Are you troubled by mental problems??
Are you haunted by worry and fear?

Do you have anxiety?
Do you suffer from depression?

Are you constantly in a bad mood and feel hopeless?
Is it impossible to turn off or calm your thoughts?

If any of these questions concern you, we can help.

Todays world is very fast-paced, the demands placed on us at work and in our personal lives are getting higher, and that by no means supports the psychological well-being of a person. It is important to stop for a moment and think about how we can help our body and soul.

We offer you a package deal made up of services that will help you get rid of stress. The ideal composition of the Clear Mind package also known as how to get rid of stress is as follows:

  • Initial examination according to TCM and herbal therapy
  • Initial consultation with a trainer and regular individual exercises
  • Massage - classic or tui na
  • Regular exercise of yoga or qigong
  • Consultation with a psychotherapist

Do you need advice or want to book an appointment? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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