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I’m fighting fatigue

Are you exhausted and feel like you’ve run out of battery?
Do you wake up in the morning feeling as though you haven’t slept at all?

Do you have difficulties falling asleep?
Do you often wake up during the night?
Do you struggle with nightmares?

Do you feel as tired in the afternoons as if it were a late night and you were supposed to go to sleep?
Are you exhausted and can’t think straight?
Have you lost interest in all kinds of activities?

If any of these questions concern you, we can help.

For some, it is due to todays modern world, which does not allow us to slow down, stop, think and just relax. Others are overwhelmed by family issues, by trying to combine work meetings and childrens’ activities that make them fall in exhaustion every night. It is likely that it is not a disease, but long-term fatigue and exhaustion pave the way for the manifestation of physical and mental illnesses. We should not put off trying to find a solution to fatigue for too long.

We offer you a package deal that is made up of our services that will help you regain your energy and enjoy life to the fullest. The ideal composition of the Fill It Up package also known as we’ll fill your veins up with energy is as follows:

  • Initial examination according to TCM and herbal therapy
  • Massage - classic or tui na
  • Regular exercise of yoga or qigong
  • Nutritional counseling incl. creating a meal plan

Do you need advice or want to make an appointment? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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