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Sleet in Autumn - How to Strengthen Your Immunity with Chinese Medicine?

Autumn is a difficult time for many people as the weather gets colder and days get shorter. As time approaches the pre-Christmas season, extra stress is added.

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Integral Yoga

Integral yoga’s literal meaning is ‘complete’ and as its name hints it seeks to place itself among the classical, traditional styles of yoga, and distinguish itself from modern yoga schools that target only a certain part, only one or more means of action (e.g. bikram yoga, power yoga etc.)

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Exercise for Mental Well-Being Suitable for Managers, Undergraduates and Overworked Parents

Fight against work-related stress and fatigue Autumn is almost here, the days are shorter, the nights are getting longer, and the period of notorious autumn depression is coming.

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May the Stork Come Flying! Chinese Medicine and Infertility

Experts often encouter fertility disorders in both women and men. At the moment, it is reported that about 20% of couples in the Czech Republic are infertile. It is shown that out out of these couples 40% of men are infertile as well as 40% of women, 20% are a combination of both partners problems.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine - Is It Relevant Today?

The therapeutic system of traditional Chinese medicine has been evolving since the second millennium BC. The tradition of perceiving man as a whole and a strong emphasis on disease prevention, or to put it more accurately, the emphasis on continuous health consolidation, have survived up until today, in a world that is based mostly on scientific knowledge.

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Diet According to Chinese Medicine

Nutrition based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) differs significantly from the principles of Western dietetics. The main and most important component is not micro and macro nutrients, but the energy that the food contains. If we follow these principles, we will feel the results physically and mentally very rapidly. Lets give it a chance and try to incorporate some of these principles into our diet.

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Fighting Acne with Chinese Medicine

Modern times place high expectations on each and every one of us, whether it be our skills and abilities or appearance. The perfect image plays a major role, especially among young people, who place the appearance at the top of their importance list. Therefore, physical imperfections can have negative psychological impacts.

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