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We treat causes, not consequences.

China Care - traditional Chinese medicine clinic in Prague.

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We perceive the complexities of your case.
Treatment plans are constructed to fit individual needs.


We approach
each case

We perceive the needs of each client in a comprehensive way. ​We treat each person individually and view health as a complex issue. Our therapists construct individual plans for each client. These plans include a variety of procedures.

Our services

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During your first consultation, the therapist will find out every necessary detail about your health condition. On the basis of the information, he/she will then make a diagnosis and suggest treatment options.

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Who is already on their journey
with us?

Profilová fotografie

Jitka Asterová

Actress and TV presenter, 58 years old

“I have dedicated the past 12 years to an active healthy lifestyle. Originally, I started looking for a therapist to help me with body shaping, weight loss and introducing me to a healthy lifestyle. We gradually added yoga and Chinese medicine into the program. I currently also attend acupuncture sessions and use medicinal herbs. During the course of my journey I’ve managed to stick to a food plan as well as a workout routine, so those are the parts of a healthy lifestyle I am now able to do alone.”

Profilová fotografie


Real estate agent, 42 years old

“As a real estate agent I go through quite a lot of stress when at work. That combined with personal problems has led to me developing health problems. I was advised to seek therapy and it has helped me tremendously. I no longer struggle with headaches, fatigue and hypertension. Together with all this, they have helped with my psychological issues as well. Thanks to acupuncture and herbs my blood pressure is lower and I have stopped using medication.”

Profilová fotografie


Hairdresser, 36 years old

“I started having problems after my pregnancy. A change in lifestyle and lack of sleep have caused several health problems. Thanks to a complex approach, my fatigue has disappeared and both my mental state and lifestyle are much improved. I have lost about 7kg and have finally learned to master my eating habits. I have learned basic rehabilitation and shaping exercises and now I keep myself in shape.”

Profilová fotografie

Zdeněk Podhůrský

actor and TV presenter, 59 years

I have been doing exercise with my therapist for 12 years. The goal of our work was to optimize my health and to improve overall fitness. We have combined physiotherapy and fitness exercise with the right nutrition according to traditional Chinese medicine. My health has improved, my back and neck are less painful and my whole body feels healthier.

Profilová fotografie


10 years

Jakub suffered from ADHD syndrome and had difficulties with sleeping and digestion. The aim of our work was primarily to improve his mental state. In less than a year, we managed to stabilize all the syndromes and eliminate health problems, now he is healthy. We used acupuncture and herbal therapy. We also implemented the right nutrition plan according to Eastern medicine.

Profilová fotografie


CEO, 35 years

After two pregnancies, I suffered from exhaustion, a lack of energy, an unstable psyche and a weak physical condition. The goal was to replenish energy, stabilize my psyche and gain physical fitness. After a year and a half of therapy – which consisted of acupuncture, herbs, exercise and nutrition according to Eastern medicine – my physical condition and endurance improved, energy level increased, my mental state stabilized and allover my organism returned to harmony.